The Centre for Research in Design is structured around several bodies and is composed of a General Assembly, a Laboratory Council and a Supervisory Committee.


Director: Auger James (ENS Paris-Saclay) + contact
Deputy director: Armand Behar (ENSCi - Les Ateliers) + contact

The Centre’s statutes stipulate a five-yearly alternation of the positions of director and deputy-director, taking into account that they each belong to one of the supervisory bodies. 

Administration office

Sithari Sisombat + contact
Fanny Claude + contact


The Centre has 24 members, including:

• 9 researcher-lecturers (permanent members): James Auger (ENS Paris-Saclay), Armand Behar (ENSCi - Les Ateliers), Philippe Baudoin (IUT Cachan, UP-Saclay), Claire Brunet (ENS Paris-Saclay), Roland Cahen (ENSCi - Les Ateliers), Guillaume Foissac (EDF / ENS Paris-Saclay), Catherine Geel (Ensad Nancy / ENS Paris-Saclay), Olivier Hirt (ENSCi - Les Ateliers), Anne Lefebvre (ENS Paris-Saclay)

2 administrative or administrative-related staff members: Fanny Claude (ENSCi - Les Ateliers), Sithari Sisombat (ENS Paris-Saclay) 
• 1 adjunct researcher and lecturer: Nathalie Guimbretière 

• 8 PhD candidates under supervision or co-supervision : Emmanuelle Becquemin, Estelle Chaillat, Clément Gaillard, Marina Khémis, Robin Lecomte, Claire Richards, Olivier Troff, Marion Voillot 
4 associate members: Caroline Bougourd, Aurélien Fouillet, Apolline Le Gall, Xavier Lesage.

All members, permanent, non-permanent and associated, convene in a general meeting a minimum of twice a year.

The Laboratory Council.

The Laboratory Council, which has a consulting role in all questions relating to political science, the management of resources, the organisation and running of the CRD, convene at least 4 times a year. It is composed of:
• The Centre’s directors: Anne Lefebvre, Armand Behar
• Council members: 2 permanent members elected by researcher-lecturers:  Roland Cahen, Olivier Hirt
• 1 permanent member elected by the administrative college and administrative staff: Sithari Sisombat
• 2 members of permanent, adjunct and associate members, nominated by the Laboratory directors, James Auger and Guillaume Foissac.
• 1 temporary member, elected by peers of the doctoral college, contractual researchers, and post-doctorate students:  election currently underway. 



22/09/2023 08:00 Terrain, relationship, landscape, domestication. A one-day workshop proposed by Olivier Troff on practices dedicated to the visual documentation of landscape domestication, based on notions of terrain and interaction in design. +
07/09/2023 22:00 September 8th: deadline for calls for participation for the Homo Aquaticus workshop, organized from October 11 to 14 as part of the Croatian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. +