Khémis Marina

From story to space of the museum : For a new approach to collaborations between exhibition design, architecture and programming.

Thesis under the direction of Annalisa Viati-Navone (Léav-Ensav), co-supervised by Anne Lefebvre (CRD) and Nathalie SIMONNOT (LéaV-ENSAV). Thesis defense on April 6,…

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Troff Olivier

Shared landscape cultures and the design of interaction

Under the supervision of James Auger, designer-researcher, and Claire Brunet, philosophy of design. Since septembre 2020.

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22/09/2023 08:00 Terrain, relationship, landscape, domestication. A one-day workshop proposed by Olivier Troff on practices dedicated to the visual documentation of landscape domestication, based on notions of terrain and interaction in design. +
07/09/2023 22:00 September 8th: deadline for calls for participation for the Homo Aquaticus workshop, organized from October 11 to 14 as part of the Croatian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. +