Designs Ressourcés #2 : Alastair Fuad-Luke

Alastair Fuad-Luke is the guest of designer-researchers James Auger and Olivier Troff. This conference will be held in English on November 10, 2022 at ENSCI, from 4pm to 6pm.

Activism slow sesign

For this second edition of Design en Séminiare / Designs Ressourcés, Alastair Fuad-Luke will address questions of activism and slow design, using an object known as the "enxada". The "enxada" is a hoe with a long history, and is predominantly used in Portugal - whether in rural areas, allotments or the domestic environment. Used individually or collectively, this tool produces a particular relationship with the soil; it introduces questions of care, on the scale of agricultural and eco-social systems, while addressing an astonishing diversity of design.

Designing the present

Alastair Fuad-Luke is a facilitator, educator, writer and activist. His work explores the ways in which design is applied to ecological, economic, political and educational issues. He was Professor of Design at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy from 2016 to 2021, and at Aalto University in Finland from 2011 to 2015. As general curator of the 2021 Porto Design Biennial in Portugal, his work investigated the theme of Alter-Realities: Designing the Present.

Alastair Fuad-Luke pursues work that straddles the public, social and commercial spheres, while participating in various design-oriented projects supported by the European Union. His publications include, in ante-chronological order, the books Post-normal Design (2022), Field Explorations (2022), Traversing Territories (2020), Agents of Alternatives (2015), Design Activism (2009) and The Eco-Design Handbook (2002).

Design en Séminaire

Research in Design. This space for reflection and exchange focuses on the issues facing design research. The aim is to be present on forward-looking issues, to imagine new ways of disseminating knowledge, and at the same time to propose a collective mechanism bringing together the members of the Centre. The CRD's scientific project is divided into four areas of research around the notion of resource. While the Centre shines through the diversity of the disciplines practiced by its members, as much as through the form of the projects carried out, the Centre wishes to discuss the possibility of bringing them together under the label of "resourced design". Design en séminaire is therefore the forum for clarifying, debating and promoting this proposal. 

For the 2022 season, the aim will be to investigate the status of resources in design practice, through postures that the CRD (Centre de Recherche en Design ENS PAris-Saclay/ENSCi-Les Ateliers) has chosen to call "Resourced Designs". The aim of these encounters is to invite a leading name in research to give us his or her reading of "resourced designs", based on an object of his or her choice. Whether the speaker is a theorist or a practitioner, within or outside the discipline of design, an object serves as a basis for discussion; it can be commented on in detail, and is always available for reference.
Seminar coordination: Olivier Troff

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Design en séminaire / 10 novembre 2022 de 16h00 à 18h00, à l’ENSCI salle Charlotte Perriand.
Conférence en anglais et en présentiel