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Limit/no limit [AD •rec 2024]

The limit/no limit conference contributed to the exploration, in multiple ways (publications, communications, exhibitions, workshops...), the methodological limits and the means to overcome them in the context of research in art and design.

The conference limit/no limit aimed to explore the different historical and geographical scales of the notion of limit, by addressing the following questions:

  • How did 20th century artists and designers participate in the experience of a world without limits?
  • What have been the evolutions of the notion of limit in the worlds of art and design in the face of the finiteness of our planet and the deterioration of nature caused by our excesses?
  • In what ways can research in art and design contribute to contemporary debates by questioning its own multiple temporalities and its formats of documentation?
  • What modalities and temporalities, linked to the creation of common tools and the establishment of disciplinary transversalities, can help to rethink conventional models of research and creation?

The limit/no limit conference tooke the form of different activities such as communications, publications, exhibitions, workshops and podcasts, to explore methodological limits and ways to overcome them in the context of research in art and design. We encourage paper proposals that reflect a critical and reflective approach, as well as contributions that present concrete examples of interdisciplinary and resilient collaborations.
In parallel with the communications, 3 round tables will be devoted to the challenges of international research, research training and publicity.

This event is organized by l'École des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, the CRD (ENS Paris-Saclay Ensci Les Ateliers), Ensci Les Ateliers with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

Informations & program

Submission of proposals : https://limit-nolimit.sciencesconf.org
Presentation of the conference (Pdf)
Call for Participation (Pdf)