Transform! Designing the Future of Energy Exhibition par James AUGER

Conférence d'ouverture de l'exposition Transform! au Vitra Design Museum de Weil am Rhein. 22 mars 2024. 18h00.

Opening Talk

Solar designer Marjan van Aubel develops groundbreaking products to make solar technology suitable for everyday use. James Auger, co-founder of Reconstrained Design, experiments with low-tech energy. In conversation with Jochen Eisenbrand, curator of the exhibition, the guests talk about their vision of a world that can manage without fossil fuels.

Marjan van Aubel 
James Auger 

Jochen Eisenbrand 

Friday, 22 March 2024, 6 pm
Fire Station

The talk will be held in English. 
Free admission. 

About the exhibition

The exhibition »Transform! Designing the Future of Energy« explores the ongoing energy transition from a design perspective: from devices for harvesting renewable energy to solar buildings and wind turbines, from smart mobility to self-sufficient cities. The exhibition probes into the global thirst for energy and examines how design can assist us in switching to renewable energies and reducing our energy consumption. What action do industry and politics need to take, what can each individual contribute to a successful energy transition?
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