Designing in coexistence par Olivier TROFF , Valentin GRAILLAT & James AUGER

Publication dans le catalogue d’exposition du Pavillon croate, Biennale d’architecture de Venise 2023, sous la direction d’Ivica Mitrovic, Mia Roth et Tonci Cerina.


The book is discussing how education in design and architecture responds to the demands and challenges of the 21st century - starting from the world making potential of design, urbanism, architecture and art (including other related disciplines and practices). It combines a series of researches presented through author’s texts, as well as results of workshops that were carried out in organisation and cooperation with numerous educational institutions. The book is the outcome of almost a year of intensive activities within the discursive programme of the Croatian pavilion at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. The outcomes presented in this book are intended as a contribution to an aligned thought, a trigger for continued exploration, as well as a provocation for educational environments, teachers and students interested in investigating and developing the transgressive potential of design and architecture for and beyond the 21st century.

  • « Homo Aquaticus » par Valentin Graillat et Olivier Troff
  • « Considered Means and Questionned Ends ? » par James Auger

Designing in coexistence – Reflections on systemic change

Mitrovic Ivica, Roth Mia et Cerina Tonci. éd., 2023, 1st edition. Zagreb, Croatian Architects’ Association.
Martín Avila, James Auger, M. Buonincontri, Sigrid Burstmayr, Luka Fatovic, Valentin Graillat, Francesco E. Guida, Harriet Harris, Vedran Kasap, Bostjan Botas Kenda, Emil Kozole, Niko Mihaljevic, Ivica Mitrovic, Lígia Oliveira, Open Forest Collective (Andrea Botero, Markéta Dolejsova, Jaz Hee-jeong Choi and Chewie), Nejc Prah, Mia Roth & Tonci Cerina, Michael Smyth, Mladen Solic, Oleg Suran, Olivier Troff, Ozana Ursic
Ivica Mitrovic, Mia Roth, Tonci Cerina